Drawing by Leevaughnia (Age 7)


Hello Internets!

After many years of working in arts education, I’ve seen some amazing artworks produced by novice or previously untrained artists  of all ages. Once completed, sometimes the work is put on permanent display (as in a public installation or mural), sometimes it is taken home by the students and exhibited on a refrigerator, and sometimes it never sees the light of day. In the hopes of preserving the incredible efforts of my students, I’ve photographed as many pieces as I could and as a result, I’ve amassed a huge catalogue of images. Rather than have these images gather virtual dust in the dark recesses of my hard drives, I’ve decided to share them with you via this blog.

In the future (both near and far), I intend to update this site with progress reports from my current projects, revisit some older projects, and share some of my thoughts on the things I’ve learned from the wonderful people I am honoured to work with.

If you’re interested in pedagogical art practices, community arts projects, or arts education (or if you just love art) please feel free to subscribe, and join my on my adventures.

Let the fun begin!

A little more about me: 

Jennifer Chin is a visual artist and educator working in Toronto, ON. She holds a Master of Fine Arts degree (Hons. M.F.A.) from the University of Windsor and an Associate’s Diploma (Hons. A.O.C.A.D.) from the Ontario College of Art and Design. She has exhibited her multi-disciplinary works across Canada and the US, and instructed and lectured at numerous universities, and independent schools. She has lead numerous youth focused, community arts programs across Toronto with a variety of organizations such as: Arts for Children and Youth of Toronto and The Royal Ontario Museum; The Art Gallery of Algoma; The City of Toronto’s Cultural Services Department and Canon Canada (many of which will be featured on this site). Currently, she works as a teaching artist for AFCY and teaches Photography and Ceramic Sculpture to adults and youth at Avenue Road Arts School in Toronto.

For more information on her studio projects, visit: www.jenniferchin.ca

For information on her classes, visit: www.avenueroadartsschool.com

For information on community outreach programs, visit:  www.afcy.ca


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