This is Jane and Finch

This spring, I had the amazing opportunity to work on another VIBE Arts Arts For Social Justice project, this time with Westview Centennial, and hip hop dancer/choreographer, Jennalee Desjardins. For this project, the students wanted to challenge the discrimination they feel when they tell people where they’re from. All of the material in the video was created by the students using their smart phones! Jennalee and I helped put it together. Have a look!

Arts For Social Justice at Central Tech

This past fall, I had the wonderful opportunity to co-lead an Arts For Social Justice program with the amazing Roshanak Jaberi, VIBE Arts and the CCLET. For several weeks, we worked with the grade 12 students of the Social Justice class at Central Tech High School to produce artworks that addressed a social justice issue they felt strongly about. The class was split into two groups and we worked with the students to choose an idea, a medium to work in, and a method for addressing their chosen issue. What resulted were two amazing videos, different in their approach but equally effective in their message. The videos were presented at the Social Justice conference held at the school. One of which is you can see here.