Today on @lostandfoundmuseums! With a low temp of -19 and a…

Today on @lostandfoundmuseums! With a low temp of -19 and a night photography field trip planned with my @avenueroadartsschool students, this couldn’t be more appropriate. Follow me and @solarflare22 at @lostandfoundmuseums for more lost and found acquisitions. ______________________________________#Repost @lostandfoundmuseums with @get_repost
Item No. 014⠀
Description: Acrylic Hat ⠀
Found: 31/01/16⠀
Location: Gardiner Museum ⠀

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Perpetually hidden behind a camera

Perpetually hidden behind a camera as documented here by the amazing @rtauchid. I was trying to line up a shot down an alleyway but there was a beautiful brick wall in the way. Thanks for your candid capture, Rheni. I’d be virtually invisible on this trip if it weren’t for you! 📷🇨🇳#photonerd #china #qingdynastyarchitecture

My temporary studio in China

My temporary studio in China was in a former market building and I occupied one of the stalls where they once sold warm soy milk, and scallion pancakes. My studio mate was a massive wooden sculpture of (what I think is) Hotei, the laughing Buddhist monk, carved from an enormous burly trunk. He did his best to keep me smiling throughout the trip. Seen here are some images of the studio building (which I also shared with 7 others) as well as some details and the lovely view outside my little window. #artistresidency #china #travelphotography #art #canadianartist

Returned home this weekend from a two week artist’s residency…

Returned home this weekend from a two week artist’s residency and exhibition in Anhui Province, China with over 40 other artists from around the world. So grateful for this incredible opportunity, I hope that through my images I can do at least a teeny bit of justice to the intensity of the landscape and warmth of the people I met along the way. Thank you Taohuatan and @triart.mfg for your immense generosity. 🏔🇨🇳🐉💚#chinaorbust #artistresidency #art #china #photography #travel #canadianartist (at Taohua, Anhui, China)